Ekokamu – FAQ

What is Ekokamu?
Ekokamu is a brand new innovation that makes recycling biowaste clean, easy, and stylish. Ekokamu is based slowing down the decomposition of biowaste. No additional odours or liquids are created in the container during the process.
How does Ekokamu work?
Ekokamu’s integrated air pump system removes nearly all the oxygen from the waste container, preventing the activity of microbes such as mould and decomposers. Biowaste stays hygienic and odourless for at least a week, longer in some cases.
How can I receive my own Ekokamu container?
Ekokamu will be soon available on our online store and at other retail stores. Follow Ekokamu on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates!
When will Ekokamu containers be available at the market?
The product development and distribution planning are ongoing, and the product will be available soon.
Why are you marketing a product that is not available yet?
Every product’s journey starts like this. The product development of Ekokamu is well underway and the production can be started soon after some final details. The interest towards this product is already so great that we want to tell as many people as possible all about it!
Does the container really work?
Yes. The container has been developed over a number of years and has been tested thoroughly. Get yours to test it out yourself!
How much does the Ekokamu container cost?
The suggested retail price is 148 euros. Ekokamu is a one-off investment that lasts for a long time. As Ekokamu works without biowaste bags or other accessories, there are no additional costs after the purchase.
Is it really unique?
Ekokamu is the first and only biowaste container for homes that is based on an integrated air pump system.
Why do I need Ekokamu?
Ekokamu makes recycling biowaste simple and clean. Ekokamu fits in every home. Using Ekokamu does not only help you, but also helps the environment as it enables a more extensive use of household biowaste.
Where is Ekokamu manufactured?
Ekokamu is designed and manufactured in Finland. The inventor of Ekokamu is Annukka Pakarinen, MSc (tech.), PhD and the design is by Jalaka Oy and Ekokamu Oy.
What if my Ekokamu breaks?
Ekokamu comes with a guarantee. If your Ekokamu breaks, you can contact us and we will fix the problem or provide you with a new unit.
Is Ekokamu available internationally?
Yes. Our online store will deliver anywhere in the world. Recycling is a growing trend all over the world and demand for products like Ekokamu is high. Recycling is mandated by law in many countries.
What is the capacity of Ekokamu?
The basic model holds four litres. In the future we will offer other sizes for household and professional use.
What are the colour options of Ekokamu?
The colour options are suitable for many tastes, and in addition to the basic range, we will provide seasonal tones.
Does Ekokamu need mains current?
The integrated air pump system needs electricity to work. Ekokamu containers come with both a power cord and a battery, which allows cordless use.
Does Ekokamu use a lot of electricity?
No. As Ekokamu uses electricity only for short periods of time, the overall electricity use is less than 1 kWh per year.
Is the container difficult to use?
No, Ekokamu is very simple to use! First, you put your biowaste in the container, then just remove the oxygen by pressing the button. When the container is full, the biowaste can be disposed in any way that suits you. It can be sorted for example into your condominium’s biowaste container or into a compost.
But doesn’t the biowaste smell bad if I keep it on the table?
No. Ekokamu’s concept is based on an integrated air pump system that prevents the decomposition of biowaste. As such, no additional odours or liquids are created in the container. The container is airtight and keeps away pests such as fruit flies.
How do I clean my Ekokamu container?
You can easily clean Ekokamu’s inner container in a dishwasher or wash it by hand. Other parts can be cleaned with a wet cloth.
How does Ekokamu allow for a more extensive use of household biowaste?
Ekokamu keeps biomass fresh without smells and liquids. Fresh biowaste is valuable material for processing into renewable energy. Biowaste is being used as a material for creating biogas, for example.
Is Ekokamu a compost bin?
No. Removing nearly all the oxygen from the waste container prevents the activity of microbes that need oxygen, such as mould and decomposers. This process slows down the decomposition and lengthens the collection period. The biowaste stored in Ekokamu can later be composted.
What material is Ekokamu made of?
Ekokamu is mainly made of plastic.
Where should I put the biowaste when the container is full?
When the container is full, biowaste is disposed in any way that suits you. For example it can be sorted into your condominium’s biowaste container or into a compost, and therefore later be recycled.
At my condominium the biowaste needs to be packed into a biowaste bag. Is Ekokamu still beneficial for me?
Sure! In the container the biowaste stays hygienic and does not smell, so there is no need to empty the container so often. Since the content does not decay, it can be easily transfered to a biowaste bag, a paper bag or the inside of a newspaper.
How long can the biowaste stay in the container?
The container can keep the biowaste fresh over several days in a large household, or even a week or two in smaller households.
Where does the liquid go?
Since Ekokamu’s integrated air pump system prevents the decomposition of biowaste, nearly no liquid at all is formed. The amount of liquid formed depends naturally on the biowaste that is in the container, but in all cases the amount of liquid formed at the bottom of the container is small and odourless.