Clean and easy!

biowaste recycling

Ekokamu makes recycling biowaste easy and hygienic. The stylish biowaste container suits every home. Ekokamu’s business concept is based on an integrated air pump system that prevents the decomposition of biowaste. No additional odours or liquids are created in the container. The Ekokamu is a simple and hygienic way to recycle – and its elegant design does not need to be hidden from view!

The idea behind Ekokamu’s design was to create a biowaste container that is so hygienic and stylish that you can keep it on the kitchen table, where it is easy to use. There is no need for a biowaste bag, and you can easily clean the Ekokamu in a washing machine. Ekokamu comes with both a power cord and a battery, which allows cordless use. The basic model holds four litres, which means that the container can keep the biowaste generated over several days by a family, or even a week or two for small households.

Ekokamu’s goal is to make recycling simple, as well as to promote a more extensive use of household biowaste. How many of us realise how valuable ordinary household biowaste is as a raw material? By using the Ekokamu, you are also helping the environment in a smart and effective way.

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