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Ekokamu is biowaste’s best friend

The Ekokamu® makes collecting biowaste easy and hygienic. Its beautiful design makes your kitchen look even better!


Finnish innovation

The Ekokamu biowaste container uses simple technology to create a vacuum. By removing oxygen, the biowaste stays fresh.


Recycling made easy

The Ekokamu suits every home and makes recycling biowaste clean and easy.


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Ekokamu is looking for test users, influencers and marketing pros to help us make recycling biowaste  a natural part of everyday life.


Video: See how Ekokamu works!

Ekokamu in brief

Ekokamu’s business concept is based on an integrated air pump system that prevents the decomposition of biowaste. No additional odours or liquids are created in the container.


Ekokamu makes recycling biowaste easy, hygienic and stylish.

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Annukka Pakarinen


The brains behind the Ekokamu concept. The Ekokamu concept is the brainchild of Annukka Pakarinen PhD (biotechnology).

Riikka Krenn

Head of Marketing, Partner

Riikka Krenn is in charge of communications, marketing and PR.

Elina Voutilainen

Co-founder, Partner

Experienced project management professional Elina Voutilainen is one of the founders of the company.

Ville Ansaharju

CTO, Partner

Ville Ansaharju is responsible for product development and production chain management.

Juha-Matti Saario

Head of New Business, Partner

Juha-Matti Saario is responsible for market research and business development.

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